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Utility Vegetation Management

Data analytics and technical expertise for efficient, sustainable and resilient vegetation management solutions.

For over 50 years, TRC has been a trusted advisor to the utility industry. Our Vegetation Management team delivers unprecedented results, maximizing operational efficiencies, streamlining processes and empowering utilities to continue providing safe, resilient, reliable power to the communities they serve.

With an in-house team of program and project managers, arborists, engineers, foresters, land agents, compliance experts, environmental biologists and digital experts, we work seamlessly to analyze and execute solutions across full vegetation management lifecycles.  Understanding the continuously evolving vegetation management regulatory and operational demands of planning, implementation, program and project management, permitting, auditing, compliance requirements, as well as environmental, biological and cultural monitoring is where our team excels.

From risk-based modeling, engineering standards reviews and workflow analysis, to highly technical vegetation visualization and “boots on the ground” program management and implementation, TRC delivers sustainable vegetation management solutions and assists in avoiding regulatory fines from non-compliance. Our team guides utilities in strategic development and implementation of work practices and actualizing efficiency actions which aide in optimization of their vegetation management programs while improving grid resiliency.

As the impacts of climate change intensify, trees and other vegetation are under threat from extreme weather, droughts, wildfire and disease. Overgrown or weakened limbs and branches falling into distribution circuits is one of the largest contributors to electric power interruptions, and in some cases the cause of extreme harm to people, property and communities.   

Environmental Hazards

According to US Forest Service, since 2010 an estimated 129 million trees have died in California’s national forests due to conditions caused by climate change, unprecedented drought, bark beetle and high tree densities. There are a concerningly high number of hazard trees in and around communities and along roads, trails and power lines,

Emerging Regulations

Coinciding data from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) indicates that tree contact with transmission lines is the leading cause of electric power outages and a common cause of past regional blackouts in the Northeast United States and Canada.  Utilities are now required to address the latest transmission vegetation management standard covering tree trimming on rights of way according to NERC reliability standard FAC-003-5.

Utility Vegetation Management Services

Strategically optimize your vegetation management investment to improve power system safety, reliability and resiliency. We offer utility vegetation management services to regulated and non-regulated organizations including utilities, electric cooperatives, natural gas pipeline operators and renewable energy developers.

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