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Air Curtain Burner Technology Study

Innovative Wood Management Solutions. Sustainable Results.

Our client’s Enhanced Vegetation Management program is designed to prevent wildfires and preserve the natural ecology of the northern California regions. Wood debris is generated from prescriptive tree removal and routine tree trimming in and around power line right of ways. Wood Debris is typically extracted, hauled, chipped and occasionally burned in a yard. Understanding the importance of introducing innovative, sustainable and efficient solutions in all aspects of operations, our client launched an initiative to consider more effective and more sustainable ways to handle wood debris.


Our Solutions

As part of our client’s Wood Management program focused on  mitigating wildfire risks, TRC conducted an in-depth feasibility study on the potential benefits of implementing Air Curtain Burner Technology to burn wood debris on site as an alternative to traditional means and methods of handling and disposing of wood debris. This technology is becoming increasingly present in wildfire mitigation, and it efficiently and safely removes wood debris in high-risk areas. According to TRC’s extensive research, Air Curtain Burners can solve challenges associated with the proper removal of wood waste. There are financial, environmental, reputational and operational benefits associated with this increasingly popular technology.



Based on our feasibility study and resulting recommendations, our client anticipates initiating a pilot program to test and track the results. Potential benefits will include:

  • Wood burned on-site will lower the amount of truck miles driven from hauling wood waste to wood management yards, lowering CO2 emissions.
  • Operational tasks, such as chipping and grinding, will be cut down and simplified because wood debris isn’t being moved offsite.
  • O&M Logistical Expenses such as trucks, diesel, salaries, handling and disposal will be lowered.
  • Safety protocols will be enhanced
    • Less truck miles lowers risk of motor vehicle incidents.
    • Dangers that are related with the cutting / hauling within the tree industry will be diminished.
  • Wood disposal will take less time, will be much more efficient, and will be better for the environment.

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