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Design, construct, improve or maintain vital wastewater facilities and infrastructure.

Effective. Efficient. Eco-friendly.

Successful compliance with a myriad of environmental regulations will require owners and operators to carefully consider the risks when making wastewater management decisions today that will impact their operations tomorrow. These decisions require effective, coordinated and phased approaches that account for economic, social, environmental and political implications.

From planning and design to permitting and construction management, TRC develops wastewater solutions that are environmentally sound and meet stringent state and federal regulatory demands. By staying at the forefront of new treatment technologies and standards for different waste streams, our teams can help you limit discharge to surface water and dramatically change how you manage wastewater in the future. Our utilities engineering work is enhanced by our understanding of the communities we serve. Together we are committed to providing innovative solutions for the health, safety and comfort of the communities around us.

We provide turnkey engineering and construction services to assist our power generation, oil and gas, and industrial customers under both the short and long-term time frames. We offer our clients a broad range of technical expertise in treatment plants, pipelines, and pump stations over a range of services from hydraulic modeling, preliminary to final design, permitting assistance, bid assistance, construction management and administration, project inspection and facility start-up. TRC also offers water and sewer rate analysis to understand the needed capital investment for these projects and assists municipalities with asset management program implementation. We are experts in evaluating regulations, identifying technical solutions and business implications for compliance options, and designing engineering solutions to address site-specific issues.

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