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Real Estate

Multi-Use Properties

The expertise you need to keep mixed-use real estate viable and profitable.

Variable Uses Require Varied Expertise

Owning multi-use real estate means multiplying the complexity of your holdings and the number of potential issues you could face. Diverse uses and different kinds of tenants require management that’s agile and versatile. TRC’s wide array of expertise will help you tackle new challenges and ensure your properties remain profitable — no matter what issues may arise.

TRC has performed thousands projects for a variety of clients including lending institutions, real estate developers, and buyers and sellers of industrial and commercial properties. Our team provides you with high quality, thorough and detailed deliverables designed to limit future environmental liability, and to satisfy due diligence and your development or redevelopment goals.

Other Real Estate Services:

We offer a wide range of real estate consulting, construction, environmental, and asset management services for commercial, residential, educational, and healthcare properties.


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