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Helping develop future-facing programs that serve communities and customers with clean and equitable energy.

Expanded-value programs for a cleaner energy future

A sustainable and resilient future requires one ingredient above all else – teamwork. At TRC, we bring passion to collaboration. We take pride in partnering with clients on innovative solutions to energy challenges of all sizes and scopes.

With more than 215 active Advanced Energy programs across North America, TRC has offices in almost every state, and client relationships that span decades. We manage energy program delivery from demonstration pilots to whole-portfolio implementation, in the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors. Our Advanced Energy programs span the market from energy efficiency to renewables, decarbonization, and resiliency. TRC is among the first energy consulting firms to launch programs in emerging fields, including integrated demand side management (IDSM), behind-the-meter storage programs, and integration of energy and broadband for utilities.

As the market evolves, we help our partners evolve with it, navigating changes to the power grid and the regulatory and social climate. We design future-facing programs that help organizations serve their communities and customers with clean and equitable energy, for the benefit of people and the planet.

Trailblazing Forward, Together

With our team of over 700 dedicated problem-solvers and innovators, TRC guides our clients through every step of the clean energy transition – from conception and research, to program planning and design, to implementation, customer engagement, engineering support, evaluation, and continuous improvement. 

Photo of Nic Dunfee

I originally entered the engineering field with the goal of reducing our carbon footprint. Now I’m proud to be assisting homeowners affected by California wildfires to rebuild efficient new homes.

Nic Dunfee

Associate Director, Building Decarbonization

Photo of Sophia Hartkopf

Energy resiliency means protecting our communities from service disruptions and climate-based risks. I work with clients to ensure their customers have reliable and equitable access to power.

Sophia Hartkopf

Director, Residential Programs

Photo of Duane Baldwin

Our team’s first question is: how can we solve your problem? Our systems engineers, data scientists, mathematicians, behavioralists, and outreach experts are passionate about real solutions.

Duane Baldwin

Vice President, Advanced Energy

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The Future of Energy

Discover how we’re helping utilities, agencies, municipalities, and businesses innovate future-looking energy programs for their customers and communities.

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