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Environmental Assessment, Permitting and Compliance

Hazardous Materials and Waste Management

Using a Practical Approach to Manage Risks Associated with Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Wastes

TRC assists operating facilities, institutions and government clients in addressing EHS risks associated with hazardous materials transportation, storage and use, as well as managing the various types of hazardous wastes that may be generated from the use of these hazardous materials. We help our clients develop and implement the necessary management programs to effectively control these EHS risks.

Hazardous materials are commonly used throughout commercial, industrial and government operations. These hazardous materials present potential EHS risks that must be effectively controlled to prevent release into the workplace and community. Operators using hazardous materials or generating hazardous wastes must comply with various federal, state and local regulatory programs designed to inform the public of the presence of hazardous materials in the community and to prevent potential EHS impacts.

Whether the program support needs are safe transportation of hazardous materials per the USDOT requirements; EPCRA reporting for the storage and releases of hazardous chemicals (i.e., Tier I/II and Toxic Release inventory); identification, management and reporting of TSCA chemicals; or the evaluation and compliance with applicable Coast Guard and Homeland Security requirements for the storage and handling of hazardous materials, TRC can assist you with all hazardous materials management services.

TRC’s hazardous waste specialists are experts in assisting our clients with meeting all aspects of hazardous waste management, treatment, storage, disposal and corrective action. From waste characterization, recycling and reuse, proper container selection, proper labeling and storage requirements, emergency response planning and shipment of hazardous wastes from the generator’s facility, through permitting, management and closure of hazardous waste management units (HWMUs). TRC can assist you with all hazardous waste management and permitting needs by providing a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach for achieving full compliance with regard to hazardous waste and materials regulations and developing strategies for disposal or remediation.

Hazardous Material Compliance and Remediation Services Include:

  • Compliance assessments
  • Contingency plan preparation
  • Release prevention and emergency planning
  • Hazardous materials management and reporting
  • Hazardous waste reporting
  • SPCC plans
  • Sampling and analysis plans
  • Training
  • Pollution prevention and waste minimization
  • Hazardous waste identification and characterization
  • Hazardous waste management unit and accumulation area closure
  • Recycling/reuse options
  • TSDF permitting and compliance
  • Hazardous waste management unit and accumulation area closure
  • Corrective action for releases
  • AST/UST permitting and operational requirements
  • EPCRA planning and notification
  • Tier I/II and TRI reporting
  • TSCA recordkeeping and reporting
  • DOT HazMat shipping
  • DOT HM232 (security) requirements
  • CFATS requirements for high-risk chemical facilities
  • Coast Guard/MSTA requirements

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