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Fabrication Inspection

Offshore Marine Inspection Services

TRC offers all aspects of marine inspection for manufactured and fabricated components

Our marine service inspection team is comprised of internationally qualified and certified inspectors experienced in quality assurance and quality control inspection and documentation of steel structures in a variety of marine fabrication arenas, including offshore oil platforms (jackets), new construction and in-service repair of ship hulls, pressure vessels, drilling derricks, high-pressure piping, Jack-up rigs and FPSO conversions.

Marine Inspection

TRC offers a wide range of services covering all aspects of inspection for both manufactured and fabricated components for the petrochemical and marine service industries.

Marine Inspection Services
  • Qualification review and oversight for welders and welding procedures
  • Shop and site inspection involving In-process and final inspection
  • Vendor assessment and pre-qualification for project procurement
  • Development and implementation of advanced NDT procedures
  • Confirmation of material grades and welding consumables
  • Pressure vessel and pressure piping fabrication inspection
  • Inspection and testing of corrosion protection systems
  • Development and review of inspection and test plans
  • Global survey for confirmation of final dimensions
  • Review of fabrication design, shop drawings, erection procedures and final documentation packages

Marine Inspection Capabilities
  • Critical area inspections for marine vessels
  • Drop object survey of in-service derricks
  • Structural inspections for steel renewals
  • Repair specification development
  • Shipyard repair supervision
  • Periodic inspection of in-service structures for corrosion and fractures
  • Monitoring of ship hull repairs during scheduled dry dock periods
  • Process piping and inspection during overhauls and turnarounds
  • Pre-shipment inspection and survey of component quantities
  • Corrosion and fatigue assessment of in-service structures
  • Corrosion mapping of high-pressure piping systems
  • Pitting corrosion surveys of deck piping systems


Serving Offshore Marine Industries

With more than 48 years of industry experience, TRC is a global leader in providing technical oversight, in-process verification, non-destructive examination and conformity assessment of heavy complex structural steel components fabricated for marine serve in the oil & gas industry. TRC’s core values of complete independence, transparency and integrity guide us in our mission to deliver consistent first-class services with a high level of quality to customers around the world. TRC’s international project quality management team and specialized local inspectors have a proven track record with the successful delivery of specialized services for various marine structures worldwide, in addition to supporting global EPC projects in the petrochemical industry.

TRC has earned the confidence of our existing clients by consistently providing high quality inspection services and personnel supported by a company-wide commitment to industry best practices. These core inspection services support the life cycle of assets in the oil and gas, and marine industries. TRC’s extensive range of services and experience of new fabrication and in-service survey of heavy structural steel in the global marine and oil and gas industries allows TRC the ability to maintain key client relationships.

Looking for effective offshore inspection services?

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