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Field Services & Inspection

Fabrication Inspection

Expert QA/QC services for construction materials

Ensuring the safety, durability and compliance of structural building materials.


Large construction and renovation projects require quality materials from the point of fabrication to project site installation. Steel and concrete construction materials must maintain the highest level of integrity to ensure the safety of major buildings and infrastructure. Project success requires that these vital building materials work seamlessly for specified applications and satisfy precise inspection requirements set forth by regulations to meet applicable codes and standards of compliance.

TRC’s source inspection team works globally, bringing industry-leading technical expertise, long-standing supplier relationships and decades of experience in international logistics to exceed your local and global material sourcing requirements and expectations.

Our team includes materials engineers, shop inspectors and non-destructive testing (NDT) technicians with expertise in concrete and steel inspections. Our inspection processes follow a detailed fabrication inspection checklist, including visual observations, process monitoring, and dimensional accuracy. We also perform non-destructive evaluations like magnetic particles, liquid penetrants and ultrasonic testing.

Years of QA/QC experience

We ensure structural building projects are safe, durable and compliant with design standards and specifications. Our staff is highly credentialed, including American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspector (AWS CWI) and NDT qualifications from the American Society for Non-destructive Testing (ASNT). 

  • 100+

    Qualified Staff. TRC offers an in-house team located across the globe.

  • 40+

    Countries where TRC has performed plant audits and in-process fabrication inspections

  • 150+

    Local knowledge and offices in nearly ​every state​

  • Bridge & Highway Structures

    Our team performs well-coordinated inspections on intricate bridge and highway structures, ensuring their safety, durability and compliance with design standards and specifications.

  • Renewable Energy Facilities

    We leverage our expertise to inspect power generation facilities, verifying their integrity, safety and compliance with top design standards.

  • Complex Structures

    Our unrivaled inspection skills and relationships ensure stadiums, convention centers and large-scale building projects are safe, efficient and compliant.

Inspection Insights

Real-Time Data Sync. One-Click Reporting.

Conventional fabrication inspection practices aggregate electronic and paper forms and use manual data entry for regulatory reporting. TRC’s Inspection Insights generates complete reports at the click of a button, cutting months off the process.

Our Inspection Insights data solution collects cloud-based data that provides real-time insight into inspection procedures and outcomes.

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Structural Steel and Non-Destructive Testing

TRC’s specialized materials engineers, non-destructive testing (NDT) technicians and steel fabrication inspectors ensure the integrity and safety of infrastructure components worldwide. We have experience inspecting projects including bridges, buildings, wind turbines, highway structures and pressure vessels, adhering to the ASNT Recommended Practice SNT-TC-1A and ANSI/ASNT CP-189/ISO 9712 certifications.

Our collaborative approach allows inspectors and engineers to work alongside NDT technicians, making evaluations that provide quick, detailed and cost-effective analysis for service fatigue, material selection, and durability recommendations.

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Offshore Marine Inspection Services

TRC provides comprehensive marine inspection services for manufactured and fabricated components for the petrochemical and marine industries. Composed of internationally qualified inspectors well-versed in QA and QC documentation of marine-scale steel structures, they cover various arenas such as offshore oil platforms, ship hulls, pressure vessels, drilling derricks and Jack-up rigs, among others.

Services range from qualification reviews for welders, in-process and final inspections, vendor assessments, and implementation of advanced NDT procedures to corrosion mapping, pressure piping fabrication inspections and reviewing fabrication designs.

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Precast/Prestressed Concrete Inspection

TRC provides comprehensive inspection services for the fabrication of precast and prestressed concrete products, which is vital in today’s construction industry. Plant inspectors utilize cutting-edge digital technology for documentation and act in a technical support role on behalf of clients, ensuring adherence to QA/QC programs, production standards, material certification and equipment calibration.

Our team oversees product storage and shipping procedures, verifies tension calculations, provides independent assurance support, and inspects prefabrication forms, rebar, cable, inserts and post-fabrication measurements.

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The Locations We Serve

TRC began more than 50 years ago in Connecticut and today operates over 150 offices across the U.S. and globally, including in Canada, China and the United Kingdom. With local knowledge and an international footprint, we bring a balance of experience, expertise and relationships to address your specific project needs. 


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Our global staff carries extensive credentials in fabrication testing, and we understand the critical components of quality assurance and fabrication inspections. We adhere to proven fabrication testing methods and inspection procedures to that ensure the integrity and safety of buildings and infrastructure construction materials. 

A commitment to quality, combined with an expert team, brings your project the inspection services you need to succeed. Connect with us online to learn more.

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