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Procurement & Construction

Global Sourcing and Procurement Support

Materials expertise and knowledge to deliver complex projects.

Consulting Advice from the Point of Sourcing to the Project Site Installation

In construction, procurement refers to the process of managing and coordinating sourcing, purchasing, and shipping of materials needed for a project. This involves supplier screening and selection, cost estimation, factory oversight, and logistics management to ensure timely delivery of required materials within budget.

Projects large and small require buying and shipping construction materials produced around the world. When contractors and owners need guidance on finding the products they need to get the job done right, they turn to TRC to manage the entire procurement process.

Our materials testing, engineering, quality compliance and project management staff are dispatched throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe, providing the technical expertise, supplier relationships and experience in international logistics to exceed your requirements.

From cost estimating and supplier qualification and selection, to factory production oversight and shipping coordination, TRC manages and coordinates the entire sourcing process to assure on-time delivery of compliant materials for the lowest installed cost.

Project Support Anywhere

TRC’s specialized group of international quality managers and inspectors concentrate on providing flexible and cost-effective solutions to our client’s global sourcing and procurement needs.

We ensure products are delivered on schedule through a collaborative approach to expediting, with an emphasis on where real-time production and quality information from the shop floor is shared globally with the necessary stakeholders while verifying compliance with our client’s specifications and expectations.

TRC’s Global Sourcing and Procurement Support Group is known for building lasting client relationships through customized solutions.

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