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TRC’s PermitView Is the Leading Edge Digital Environmental Right-of-Way Access Platform

What if you could turn the burdensome process of reviewing right-of-way access requests into a streamlined, revenue generating program?

With roughly 140,000 miles of rails across the United States, railroad companies are frequently approached by third parties who seek to gain access to the rail right-of-way (ROW). Each request to access the ROW represents a risk to the railroad and must be carefully considered and closely monitored. This results in a significant investment of staff and time for numerous railroad managers and executives to manage risk as well as the access agreements.

Accept, Track and Monitor ROW Access

For over a decade, TRC has provided industry leading support for Class I railroad ROW access. This leadership evolved into TRC’s PermitView which is a digital platform to systematically accept, track and monitor individual environmental ROW access. This fully configurable platform allows each client to set their individual requirements while maintaining the highest level of safety, legal, insurance and environmental expectations.


PermitView allows for faster, more efficient access requests through an individualized and unique client accessible platform. TRC’s team of subject matter experts then determines completeness of the request as well as compliance with the railroad requirements, ensuring railroad employees have a full set of concisely summarized information to review for final approval. Securely stored correspondence and supporting documents are available in real time to both the railroad and applicant via unique dashboards.

The PermitView platform also contains an integrated ecommerce system that allows for variable fee structures and collection of payments via credit card. These fees can be used to fund TRC’s programmatic management of ROW access and provide an accountable revenue process to the railroad client.


Available 24-7, PermitView provides a streamlined, efficient, secure and user-friendly platform to maintain full control over which requests are approved while significantly reducing the administrative and procedural burden. Since TRC manages the payment portion of the agreement this program is at no additional cost to the railroad.

Our experts are here to discuss how TRC’s PermitView platform can enhance your environmental ROW program. Contact us today!


Enable Your Team To Easily Manage External Requests for Access, Permits or Approvals

TRC’s web based PermitView application provides a platform to systematically accept, review, track and monitor individual requests for ROW access.

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