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Safely and Efficiently Manage Site Access by Third Parties

TRC’s PermitView is an innovative tool designed to improve your access agreement program by significantly reducing your administrative efforts. It is a secure, flexible, cloud-based application that allows users to remote manage third party real estate access request and agreements, site-wide permits and related access approvals and fees.

The PermitView platform enables the user to collect work plans, Certificates of Insurance and application fees in a matter of moments, while organizing, geo-tagging and preparing the data for a streamlined review and approval process. In addition, it documents project close-outs, reducing the time normally needed to track and verify work completed by a third party.


TRC’s programmatic management of site access using PermitView can take weeks or months off the traditional review and agreement process saving staff time, reducing administrative costs and managing risk by improving the reliability of third-party access data.

PermitView is available at any time online and from mobile devices. Users control who accesses the data and the application is customizable to each client’s unique needs.


Enable Your Team To Easily Manage External Requests for Access, Permits or Approvals

TRC’s web based PermitView application provides a platform to systematically accept, review, track and monitor individual requests for ROW access.

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