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About the Power Academy

TRC Power Academy’s mission is to assist energy sector organizations and individuals in enhancing their knowledge and skills through engaging and effective learning solutions. Our goal is to address the current and future demand for qualified workforce challenges within the energy sector, enabling the restoration and advancement of capabilities within the industry. Additionally, our training content is accredited and we offer professional development hours for engineers seeking PDH credits.

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Why Choose TRC’s Power Academy?

Our cache of best practices, proven processes, and lessons learned from the safety and human performance in the industry, combined with the science and psychology of human learning, makes us one of the top experts in designing, developing and delivering high-quality training systems and materials in the industry. Our approach ensures that topics are developed and  taught in a logical and practical order, leading to lasting and continuous improvements for employees.

Our learning solutions include:

  • In-person Facilitator/Instructor-Led Sessions
  • Virtual Instructor-Led Training SessionsOn-the-Job Training Systems
  • Self-Paced, Web-Based Training
  • Interactive Videos and Animations
  • Coaching and Mentoring Reinforcement Systems
  • Social Learning Systems
  • Employee Performance-Centric Learning System

Our Training Center

TRC’s training center in Lancaster, PA provides a fully equipped mock substation, complete with a control house and yard environment that simulates real-world conditions and scenarios. With two large classrooms, we utilize interactive technologies to create a safe and controlled environment for structured training sessions. This setup enables our students to develop proficiency, efficiency, and consistency in a wide range of practical tasks, such as testing, commissioning, troubleshooting, adherence to industry standards, policies and procedures, prioritizing safety and quality, planning, communication, and risk reduction. Click here to explore our training center.



Power Academy Course Offerings
Course Name Duration (days) PDHs
Power Fundamentals 2.5 17
Introduction to Power Substation Electrical Drawings 2 14
Outages and Energization 3.5 24
Introduction to Power System Protection and Controls 4.5 31
Basics of Microprocessor Relays 3.5 24
 AC/DC Commissioning  4.5  31
 Relay Testing using Macros  3  21
 IEC 61850  3  21
 Testing end Commissioning of High Voltage Circuit Breakers 4  28
 Testing end Commissioning of Instrument Transformers  3  21
 Testing and Commissioning of Substation DC Systems  2  14
 Transformer Through Fault Testing  3 21
 Transmission Line Relay Testing and Theory  3 21
Virtual Courses
 Power Fundamentals  4 Half Days 17
Introduction to Power Substation Electrical Drawings 3 Half Days 14
Introduction to Power System Protection and Controls 5 Half Days 31


Who Should Attend

Our Power Academy training is designed to accommodate a broad audience in the energy industry. This includes professionals already working in the industry, individuals seeking careers to transition to the energy sector, leaders interested in starting or expanding their business practices, as well as students pursuing degrees or conducting research in this field. Please check the course information sheet of each listed training to learn about the recommended target audience. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding which courses are best for you.


Great Class

"The Power Fundamentals course was a great class for anyone looking to gain foundational electrical knowledge coming from a non-technical role like mine as a Project Manager"

Useful Learning Hands On Experience Insightful Instructors Great Class

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