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Power Academy Technical Courses

Full day, multi-session courses covering essential power utility topics.

Our protection and control training curriculum programs cover essential topics including human performance; utility print reading and interpretation; protective relay testing and commissioning; and high voltage power transformers and circuit breakers. We can deliver full, multi-day sessions, or customize a program that incorporates any topics or modules. Learn More

We strictly follow CDC best practices and are limiting capacity to ensure the safety of our students. Our program is a great opportunity to interact with your power industry peers and gain the hands-on training and skills that have been put on hold during these unprecedented times.

In addition to our on-site programming in Lancaster, PA, we also offer live and highly interactive instructor-led virtual trainings. Our instructors leverage graphics tablets, whiteboards, screen sharing and self-study to ensure participants can fully engage with the content, instructors and other classmates.

Training Schedule

Available Trainings

Relay Testing Using Macros

This course provides an overview of test plan concepts and practices, document test creation, relay functions and essential testing software.

Basics of Microprocessor Relays

Gain knowledge of the basic philosophy of system protection, microprocessor relay logic and the associated software associated.

Power Fundamentals

Gain a foundational understanding of the equipment found in substations and critical concepts relating to power grids.

Introduction to Substation Electrical Drawings

Learn the ins and outs of power substation electrical drawings to develop the knowledge needed to safely work in and around substations.

Transformer Through Fault Testing

Gain knowledge and skills necessary to successfully and safely perform transformer through fault testing.

Testing and Commissioning Instrument Transformers

This course provides a general overview of transformer operation, components, nameplate interpretation and application.

Outages and Energizations

This course covers the steps and skills needed to safely develop a substation O&E plan.

IEC-61850 Functionality, Use and Testing

Discover the fundamentals and application of IEC 61850 in addition to best practices and methods.

Introduction to Power System Protection and Controls

This in-depth course covers the electrical systems that supervise and control the electrical power equipment in substations.

Best Practice for AC/DC Circuit Commissioning in the Field

Explore the basics of alternating current and direct current commissioning in this hands-on course.

Testing and Commissioning High Voltage Circuit Breakers

Gain knowledge and technical skills surrounding the application, operation and testing of oil and gas circuit breakers.

Data Center Testing and Commissioning

This course provides the foundational knowledge and technical skills needed for the Testing & Commissioning of a data center power system.

Testing and Commissioning of Substation DC Systems

Learn the required checks and tests for the commissioning and batteries battery chargers in the field.

Power Substation Print Reading and Interpretation

This course covers the concepts and practices necessary in reading and functionally interpreting electrical drawings and schematics of real-world substation.

Transmission Line Relay Theory and Testing

This hands-on course covers the concepts and characteristics of various protection schemes used for high voltage transmission lines and relays.

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