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Power Academy Course

Transmission Line Relay Theory and Testing

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Feb 20 - Feb 22, 2024

TRC's Testing & Commissioning Training Center
1866 Colonial Village Lane, Suite 112, Lancaster, PA 17601

3 Days | 21 PDHs | Cost: $1,500

Transmission Line Relay Theory and Testing provides foundational theoretical and hands-on training in concepts and characteristics of various protection schemes used for high-voltage transmission lines, and a guiding principle for testing microprocessor line relays and expected actions, given different types of faults.


  • Field and Commissioning Engineers and Technicians
  • Protection and Control Engineers


    • Demonstrate an understanding of transmission line protection considerations and relaying schemes and classifications.
    • Describe the various pilot protection schemes for transmission lines.
    • Identify and apply settings for transmission line protection schemes, including distance and pilot
    • Perform end-to-end testing for a pilot protection



  • This instructor-led course is delivered in our training substation in Lancaster, PA.
  • Hands-on distance relay and pilot protection End-to-End testing.


  • Foundational understanding of system protection theory and application
  • Basic knowledge of symmetrical components and phasor diagram concepts
  • Practical knowledge of performing P&C circuit testing and commissioning

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