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Gain Business Value from Environmental Data with Technology + Services

Connected EnviroView™ elevates our extensive suite of environmental services with technology solutions for Data CaptureData Management and Data Visualization.

Our digital solutions offer everything you need to leverage mountains of project and program data for a strategic advantage. EnviroView allows teams to explore project updates in real time and easily communicate progress to other parts of their organization with customized charts, graphics and dashboards

Connected EnviroView provides increased efficiency, accuracy and actionable insights into your business. By significantly reducing the cost and time spent on inefficient, labor-intensive activities, your team can now increase their time spent acting on the results.

Digital Solutions to Gain Strategic Insights

TRC’s platform of digital solutions reduces the money and time spent on inefficient, labor-intensive activities associated with data, and instead allows teams to spend more time uncovering data insights.

Capturing the Data

Accurate and efficient data collection is essential for field activities on all projects. Mobile devices and innovative third-party software tools help TRC increase the speed and accuracy of data capture.

Pre-populated forms, automated workflows, and cloud-based mobile upload of text, voice notes, videos and photos enhance data quality and communication. Plus, real-time data validation and error flagging cuts down on return visits and can shorten contracted project timelines.

Managing and Analyzing the Data

TRC’s data management solutions start at the point of data capture with reliable, secure and traceable data, and cloud-based file back-up. Data management governs the flow, storage and use of the data, defines the structure and format, and identifies data owners and users.

Accurate data is a foundation for successful program outcomes. Plus, regulators require data to be well documented and defendable. With a high level of data integrity, analytics can provide real-time insights and tech-enabled reports that are complete and trustworthy – and delivered in industry-leading time frames.

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Visualizing the Data

Communicate the power of data using visualizations that move beyond standard reports and spreadsheets.

Graphs, geospatial models and interactive dashboards allow us to condense multiple points of information into an easily interpreted visual. Getting that visual to the right person at the time a decision needs to be made is a game changer.

Our focus on the user experience allows us to do just this, moving things like site visits and compliance from “check the box” activities to a critical risk management practice and a value driver for the business.

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