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Distributed Energy and Microgrids

Transformative solutions for a reliable, resilient and intelligent energy future.

Making your distributed energy vision actionable, from strategy through design and implementation.

Distributed energy companies are transforming today’s grid by creating a dynamic, decentralized model for generating and distributing energy. With over 50 years of experience, TRC offers multidisciplinary expertise to help utilities, agencies, and communities navigate complex distributed energy challenges and implement reliable, resilient, and intelligent energy solutions.

This ensures high-quality service, successful integration of behind-the-meter solutions, and optimization of business, market, and innovation opportunities. Whether it’s for a single neighborhood or across a portfolio, TRC can help you achieve your goals:


Maintain reliability and high-quality service for all energy users.

Manage new resources

Successfully integrate behind-the-meter solutions and partner with consumers.

Strong value

Optimize business, market, and innovation opportunities.


Drive clean energy and carbon reduction.

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TRC's Distributed Energy Services

Our integrated approach helps you think differently about your biggest problems. Working together, we apply our unparalleled environmental, consultative, engineering and applied technology experience to successfully advance projects to completion.

Looking for effective distributed energy services?

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