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Onshore Wind Energy Development

Planning, permitting, engineering and construction for land-based projects.

What is Onshore Wind Energy?

Onshore wind energy, a rapidly growing utility-scale renewable technology, involves harnessing wind power through turbines on land to generate electricity. By effectively managing the entire project development and operational life cycle, onshore wind projects can minimize environmental impacts and efficiently transition into operation.


Solutions across the entire project development and operational lifecycle.

TRC designs onshore wind energy projects that minimize environmental impacts and avoid costly mitigation – without creating construction or operational constraints — to efficiently complete development and move projects into operation. Our relationships with industry and regulatory leaders facilitate strategic and thoughtful solutions that avoid development hurdles and reduce risk.

With deep roots in environmental permitting, renewable project development and power systems engineering, TRC is helping transform the modern energy landscape. We plan, permit and design transformational wind power projects from Maine to Texas to California, balancing stakeholder expectations and perceptions with your financial and scheduling obligations.

Our services include:

Siting, Permitting and Stakeholder Engagement

▪ Land control services
▪ Due diligence support
▪ Potential site identification and GIS constraint mapping
▪ Phase I environmental site assessments
▪ Site feasibility/critical issues assessment
▪ Local, state and federal permitting support
▪ Avian and bat pre and post construction studies
▪ Wetlands and ecological assessments
▪ Threatened and endangered species clearances
▪ Cultural resources clearances
▪ Noise impact analyses
▪ Visual simulations
▪ Storm water and spill prevention plans
▪ Environmental compliance and safety auditing

Electrical and Interconnection Engineering

▪ Interconnection assessment
▪ Power systems studies
▪ Transmission line, substation, switchyard engineering and design
▪ Geotechnical engineering
▪ Civil engineering design, including access road and road improvements
▪ Construction support, including engineering, procurement and construction

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