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Health and Safety Programs, Assessment and Compliance

Construction and Contractor Safety

Managing Health and Safety Performance of All Contractors Throughout the Construction Phases

A safe and healthy operating environment combined with an engaged and strong safety culture are fundamental to a leading construction and contractor safety program. TRC has a team of safety professionals with diversified experience providing support to clients throughout the country. Qualifications include Certified Safety Professionals, Industrial Hygienists, as well as OSHA 10 and 30-hour and First Aid/CPR/AED-trained personnel. Our team prepares site-specific Health and Safety Plans (HASP) and Job Safety Analyses (JSAs) for our clients based on the hazard recognition and risk mitigation activities during project safety planning efforts. Our employee training program provides a personalized curriculum based on employees’ roles and job responsibilities at the construction site.

TRC is driven by finding solutions that will achieve and surpass our clients’ needs and expectations for health and safety performance improvement. We constantly strive to provide value by finding innovative solutions to help our clients achieve their goals. By understanding our clients’ risks and objectives, we can provide real-world solutions to manage safety risks and establish a strong safety culture.

Construction Safety Management Services

Health & safety services we provide to our clients at construction sites include:

  • Risk assessments through the construction phases
  • Identification of construction safety goals and objectives
  • Identification of applicable health & safety regulatory requirements
  • Health & safety program development and implementation activities
  • Periodic construction site health & safety inspections and program reviews
  • Reporting of performance towards health & safety goals and objectives
  • Development and implementation of Construction Site Health & Safety Management Programs

TRC understands and recognizes the importance of health & safety performance during construction activities including the performance of all contractors through the construction phases including PFAS in construction. We provide assistance to the project owner and the selected contractors to establish and implement an effective health & safety construction management program. These programs focus on risk recognition, performance standards through the construction phases and routine assessments to track compliance and conformance to the applicable standards.

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