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Data Insights Across Design, Construction and Program Management

Increase Certainty in Cost and Schedule Outcomes

Fabrication, construction, and design delays are common throughout a project life cycle. The lack of digitization and uniform data collection creates project blind spots placing managers in a perpetual state of reactive problem-solving.


Cross Project Visibility Without Data Integration



With Connected SmartSites™ an expanded program transparency is achieved allowing managers to solve today’s issues while observing and minimizing potential cross-phase impact on future schedule, cost, and critical path issues across the project life cycle. Real-time data is used to evaluate changes in risk profile and contingency expectations making early and appropriate intervention communication possible based on delegation of authority resulting in a smoother project trendline.


Cross Project Visibility With Connected SmartSites (Integrated Data)



Case Study: Immediate Data Insights Shorten Project Timelines

Roads, bridges, pipelines and most large-scale infrastructure projects all have something in common – the need for high-quality, high-accuracy, real time fabrication inspection data.

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