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Esri Utility Network

To better understand the world around us, geographic information systems (GIS) are used to visually gather, analyze and manage data. Using the Esri platform, TRC can offer professionals in IT, Asset Management and Operations a deeper, more intelligent view of GIS data. The Esri platform and the addition of the Utility Network (Esri UN), allows users in the electric utility and pipeline industries to experience a central data view and increased awareness of systems analysis with a higher level of precision. The Utility Network is the new generation of GIS-based network management, provided as a server extension to ArcGIS Enterprise. This extension provides greatly increased data access, data editing, tracing and integration enhancements for industry distribution data models, such as PODS and UPDM.

Esri Solutions


TRC’s longstanding history working with the Esri suite allows our experts to provide extensive experience with GIS for data integration, management and upgrades to Esri systems. We offer a diverse project portfolio in system upgrades for ESRI UN, leading the industry with our ability to provide solutions for complex integration issues.

Our experts provide a full suite of services for GIS enterprise implementation in data modeling, portal implementation, analytics, data management tools, application development and cloud environments. When engaging clients in enterprise asset management consulting, we work through business processes to develop workflows and determine requirements. Our offerings extend to third-party application integration services in ArcFM, MAXIMO and SAP, and the ability to provide minimum viable product (MVP) deployment services where applicable. TRC combines the knowledge, skills and technical acumen to deliver exceptional results for complex GIS issues.

Deploying Esri UN

Due to the differences in GIS architectures, data structures, workflows and processes a simple lift and shift is usually not an option.

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ESRI Utility Network Solutions

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