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EHS Management Consulting and Advisory

Product Stewardship

Regulatory Understanding, Management and Sustainable Lifecycle for Your Product

TRC can assist you with your product stewardship needs and requirements. We have a multi-faceted team of resources with expertise in chemistry and product formulations, product safety, health risks, process engineering and regulatory requirements ready to assist you.

Aside from the increasing list of processes and materials under regulatory scrutiny, consumers and suppliers alike are demanding the sourcing, manufacturing, distribution and disposal of products in an environmentally responsible manner. These expectations are now normalized across society where expectations are that we will use the best available resources and practices for a sustainable outcome. TRC can work with you to reduce costs through energy or material reductions, increase revenue by proposing changes to your product or its manufacturing process and lessen your environmental footprint by phasing out toxic substances or high energy processes.

We can also make stakeholders aware of our client’s efforts to sustainably manage their product lifecycle by branding or re-branding and other outreach efforts. Our experienced EHS team will look at the big picture of the product lifecycle and provide recommendations as needed to improve the performance of your safe and healthy work environment.

State, federal and international regulations are developing around product stewardship concepts, and consumers want to know more about the presence of chemicals that might be present in their food and consumer products (e.g., PFAS, heavy metals, etc.). TRC has developed strategies and a framework to assist retailers, importers and manufacturers with product stewardship compliance requirements, and risk evaluation and reduction/elimination approaches for targeted chemicals or compounds in products and packaging within the supply chain.

Our team assists clients with the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies and data collection and analysis to make informed business decisions and evaluate the potential supply chain impacts associated with environmental, health and safety issues. We help our clients with identifying and establishing goals and objectives for a comprehensive and robust product stewardship program. TRC’s multi-disciplinary team of experts have supported our clients’ product stewardship efforts and supply chain interests in a variety of markets, including forest products, food packaging, food manufacturing, chemical processing, apparel and retail industries.

TRC’s product stewardship services include:

  • Program design and implementation
  • Gap analysis for existing programs
  • Data needs and methods for collection
  • Supply chain analysis and risk evaluation
  • Product safety evaluations
  • Product compliance with state, federal and international requirements (e.g., notification, registration, reporting, etc.)
  • Tracking and analysis of new regulatory requirements
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS) review
  • Product and packaging testing and analysis
  • Food testing and analysis
  • FDA migration studies for food contact materials
  • Waste management/reduction/elimination
  • Expert witness and litigation support

Our multi-facetted team of resources with expertise in chemistry and product formulas, products safety, health concerns, process engineering and regulatory requirements is ready to assist with any product stewardship needs and requirements.

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