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Emergency Management and Response

Power Restoration Services

From damage assessment to restoration planning and implementation we help you succeed in the most difficult circumstances.

Restore power faster. Limit future impacts.

Widespread outages that impact entire systems and bring wires down across broad service territories can exceed your ability and capacity to address in house. Damaged transformers and substations may spill hazardous chemicals such as PCBs. Our field teams can deploy rapidly, integrate into your organization and compliment your crews to secure potentially dangerous sites, assess damage, clean up toxic spills and support required rebuilds. TRC’s engineers and designers deliver expertise in planning and analysis, inspection, scheduling and resource coordination. Our damage assessors, patrol teams, crew guides and field construction coordinators help to bring your operations back online quickly and efficiently. When service is restored, we can assist with asset history updates and capitalization record accounting to accurately reflect the financial impact of the damage. We can also provide ongoing engineering support to identify failures and incidents and implement short- and long-term corrective actions that improve resiliency and reliability. 


Our services include:  

  • Damage Assessment 
  • Wires Down 
  • Mobile Device for Transfer of Field Observations 
  • Power Restoration Planning 
  • Facility Restoration and Circuit Design Improvements 
  • Construction Crew Management 
  • Hazardous Chemicals Clean-ups  
  • Records Identification and Updates 

Looking for effective utility restoration services?

Turn to the experts at TRC.

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