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Electrical & Power

Power Distribution Engineering

Comprehensive solutions from assessment to planning, design, engineering and construction.

Creative, cost-effective power distribution engineering solutions that improve reliability.

Whether you need to bring a new electrical system online, relocate facilities, inspect and inventory distribution assets, manage pole attachments and make-ready, or assess and recover from storm damage, TRC supports your power distribution project from concept to completion, so you can maintain safe, reliable service for your customers.

Distribution engineering involves the assessment, system planning, design, and construction of power distribution systems to maintain safe and reliable service for customers.

With extensive knowledge and experience in various utility systems, TRC provides end-to-end solutions utilizing innovative tools and technologies throughout the US. Our expert team of designers and power distribution engineers work directly with utilities to assess and upgrade equipment, facilities, and operations.

We deliver power distribution engineering designs in support and alignment of legal mandates, regulatory requirements and project public relations.  We also provide project management, work flow and process improvement, scheduling and construction oversight expertise.

Modernize Distribution Circuits.

Improve Optimization.

Learn more about the challenges, benefits and best practices for successfully implementing a modernization program on a large-scale distribution network.

Our Electrical Distribution Engineering Experience Includes:

Power Distribution Design and Engineering Services

  • Distribution Overhead and Underground Design
  • Pole Loading and Structural Analysis
  • DOT Highway Project Design
  • Line Relocation and Reconductoring
  • Feeder Hardening (Storm & Fire)
  • System Studies and Reliability Planning

Joint Use Management Services

  • Pole Attachment Audits and Inventories
  • Safety Compliance Inspections and Remediation
  • Application Permitting and Make-Ready Design
  • Post Construction Inspections
  • Contract Negotiation and Administration
  • Pole Attachment Transfer Management

Facilities and Asset Management Services

  • System Inventories and Inspections
  • Outdoor Lighting Inventory and Account Reconciliation
  • Pole/Pad-Mount Inspections
  • GIS Mapping and Consulting

Storm Restoration Services

  • Storm Damage Assessment and Recovery
  • Wires Down Standby Services

Because many of our designers and distribution engineers have over 25 years of electric power distribution experience, much of which was gained from working directly for utilities, you can trust us to understand your standards and systems. We’ll work alongside your own team, as a true partner, to help you assess and upgrade equipment and facilities, as well as strengthen and improve operations.

Looking for effective electrical distribution engineering solutions?

Turn to the power distribution design experts at TRC.

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