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Distribution Engineering

Joint Use Management Services

Complete solutions to minimize at pole risks, reduce costs and increase revenues

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Market Trends

The modern power utility continues to see a shift and disruption across operating sectors as ongoing grid modernization efforts collide with telecommunications advancements and exponentially rising demand. These factors are causing a significant increase in the volume of third-party pole attachment applications.


For pole owners, whether during low volume or high volume, the rules and penalties for failing to comply with mandated timelines, safety and reliability metrics do not change. The challenge in meeting this increased volume is not only understanding all the rules but following and implementing them simultaneously. Outdated attachment agreements, rapidly changing local, state and FCC requirements, unprecedented growth, safety rules and best practices, budgets and customer reliability all must be managed to prevent loss of life, ensure system integrity and increase revenue.

How TRC Can Help

Running an effective Joint Use Management Program is complex and requires a carefully orchestrated approach. TRC has extensive knowledge of the nuances within this type of program and has created processes, software tools and a systematic management method to help clients minimize at pole risks, reduce costs and increase revenues. Our knowledge and experience in both the power and communications industries spans more than 25 years.

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