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Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Services

TRC’s talented staff has answers to your concerns, ranging from nuisance odor complaints, water intrusions and mold assessment to HVAC system evaluations and building-related illnesses. Our team includes PhD scientists, Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIHs), engineers, health and safety professionals and construction experts who provide a superior level of service.

Solving Problems in the Built Environment

TRC provides comprehensive expertise in indoor air quality (IAQ) consulting. Under the direction of our knowledgeable CIHs and professional engineers, IAQ sampling, air measurement and evaluations are tailored to the specific problems in your environment. TRC personnel are experienced in building science technology to help understand and determine the causes and solutions to your IAQ problems.

Some common techniques include:

  • The use of IAQ monitors to evaluate particulate matter, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide
  • Photoionizing detectors to evaluate and screen for the presence of volatile organic compounds
  • Sampling for airborne contaminants of concern using active and passive air sampling methodologies and laboratory analysis
  • Surface sampling and laboratory analysis of dust and surface contaminants
  • Water intrusion evaluations using infrared cameras and moisture meters to determine if water impacted building materials are present
  • Microbial air and surface sampling techniques for viable and non-viable molds
  • HVAC system evaluations to optimize performance and improve IAQ through mechanical ventilation systems

TRC has performed IAQ assessments in a variety of settings including:

- K-12 schools
- Colleges and universities
- Commercial spaces
- Retail businesses
- Government entities
- Military facilities
- Manufacturing sites

This experience provides TRC with the knowledge and expertise to quickly and efficiently diagnose and fix your IAQ problems.

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