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Defining Methods for Your Sustainable Return to Work

Roger Bartz | December 8, 2020

How can my business safely return to work during this pandemic? Businesses will be measured by the approach, process and protocols they have adopted, not only by their employees, but by their investors and possibly by government agencies. There is an upward trend in the number of early legal actions being filed in courts around the country related to COVID-19 issues. Businesses failing to develop best practices around the virus may face increased scrutiny, negatively affecting their brand. The guidance provided at the federal, state and local level is evolving as the pandemic continues, therefore, managing procedures to safely return to work is a goal for all end-users, whether they are education, industrial and/or government stakeholders. Sustainable human health and safety priorities can be balanced with the need for ongoing safe business operations.

TRC is a leader in developing sustainable return-to-work protocols for our clients. Our work is rooted in an evolving understanding of the COVID-19 virus: how it is transported and how it affects people and business. Knowing this, TRC’s leading health, safety and industrial hygiene experts have set the bar with our work serving a broad spectrum of end-users to build processes and protocols needed now and for future safe-space planning.

Advancing sustainable return-to-work practices in the midst of evolving guidelines takes an active partnering of science, operations and legal advisors, as well as an understanding of risk. TRC’s teams are supporting the science and operational foundations in the establishment of return-to-work approaches and methods for our markets. Among TRC’s expertise are:

  • Clean Space Program Management – Developing cleaning and disinfecting protocols, surface testing, direct virus testing, leading indicator testing (including wastewater testing) and proper PPE training
  • Indoor Air Environment Consulting – Evaluating HVAC systems and building mechanical systems, measuring indoor air quality, evaluating sensors and preparing exposure-risk calculations
  • TRC Connected EnviroView®– Digital tools and solutions supporting critical decision making around indoor space management, health and safety and energy efficiency
  • Combined Solutions – Teaming with market leading partners for thermal tracing, contact tracing and ventilation system DNA tracing

TRC leaders, with a broad understanding of accredited and recognized national and international research and industrial standard bodies, bring full-facility evaluation programs to our clients. Our experience and contributions have expanded the discussion through an evolved understanding of the science around how the virus can move in indoor spaces. Our staff analyze current conditions and systems, supporting the development of leading indicator viral monitoring, such as evaluating wastewater inside of buildings. In turn, our clients benefit from enhanced risk modeling including the development of actionable mitigation plans for current and future operations. Additionally, as we look at buildings which, for the most part, have been following a history of energy efficiency modeling for their operations, TRC’s energy management experts advise and support the current and future of balancing viral mitigation plans with the need to remain dedicated to sustainable energy management practices.

Measuring sustainable return-to-work practices through leading edge data tools is the critical piece to support decision-making around how and when we return to our spaces, and what we will do as the doors reopen. TRC also offers market leadership in technology which our industry leaders use daily to support creative approaches and people-based business continuity planning. Real-time data supports the development of defensible models to safely reopen. Our digital solutions team is implementing a suite of tools to navigate data-driven and science-based platforms, allowing leadership to work collaboratively with stakeholders to prepare spaces for a return to increased workplace occupancy.

TRC brings technical expertise to support your sustainable return-to-work strategy, helping to protect your people as well as your brand, while partnering with your legal counsel to fully appreciate and build the narrative around potential short- and long-term risk. Leading a full market approach means living it as well. Our 5,500 employees in over 130 offices around the United States live this suite of business continuity services every day. The safety of our teams is our primary job and we practice what we preach. The TRC team will continue to create, develop and enhance solutions to enable our people, our clients and our world to work and live safely.

Roger M. Bartz

Roger is a Vice President at TRC Companies. For more information please contact Roger at

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