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Environmental Assessments

Risk Assessment and Toxicology

Technical analysis of potential for risk to aid in site decision making and closure, and toxicology review of chemicals used in industry.

Human health and ecological risk assessment to determine need for further actions.

Risk assessment is the tool used to determine if human or ecological receptors could be affected by impacts in soil, groundwater, air, surface water or sediment. If impacts are identified as concerns, our team of experienced assessors can then determine what actions could be taken to mitigate these risks.

TRC’s Risk Assessment practice supports permitting, restoration, remediation and reuse projects through a technical analysis of the potential for risk. Risk assessors are typically the first environmental professionals to critically evaluate environmental data as part of the site investigation process.

Specific Examples of Risk Assessment Services:

  • Site Specific Human Health Evaluation
  • Vapor Intrusion Assessment
  • Multi-pathway Combustion Risk Assessment
  • Odor Evaluation/ Lab Testing
  • Emerging Contaminant Risk Evaluation
  • Environmental Consequence Analysis
  • Ecological Screening and Baseline Risk Assessment
  • Risk Communication
  • Litigation Support
  • Soil Leaching to Groundwater Evaluation

Using risk assessment and risk management tools we can help significantly reduce the cost of cleanup and help to effectively and efficiently close a site. We recognize that the completion of a human health or ecological risk assessment is a significant milestone in the pathway to issue resolution.

In addition to preparing site-specific and community-based risk assessments, our staff of toxicologists, health scientists and engineers understand that risk communication and community relations are often integral to solving real world challenges posed by environmental toxicants.

Our experience designing and implementing engineering, administrative and institutional controls, allows our team to truly yield results you can rely on to protect human health and the environment, reduce liabilities and optimize tailored solutions to your risk management challenges.

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