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Amtrak - Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Health and Safety

TRC has been providing the National Passenger Railroad Corporation (Amtrak) with qualified industrial hygiene and occupational health and safety services since 2016. Our professionals provide a variety of related services for multiple work sites and facilities throughout the United States on an as needed basis. This project assists Amtrak in maintaining compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Federal Railroad Administration and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations relating to employee and/or passenger safety and health.


TRC services include:

  • Industrial hygiene, ergonomic and occupational safety technical expertise and support; including identifying and evaluating chemical, biological, physical or ergonomic hazards, recommending specific and realistic corrective actions, conducting surveys and reviewing or developing programs or training as requested
  • Industrial hygiene monitoring, indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring and ventilation evaluations at diverse Amtrak work locations, including mechanical sites, stations, office buildings and railroad rights-of-way
  • Ergonomic evaluations, noise surveys, monitoring activities and interpreting results
  • Subcontracting laboratory analyses of any samples taken during monitoring activities

All work activities are conducted under the direction of a TRC Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH). For ergonomic work, a Certified Professional Ergonomist, a CIH with an ergonomic background or equally qualified professional directs activities.


Specific projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Quarterly synoptic air sampling for PCB’s at Penn Station New York (PSNY)
  • Mechanical ventilation assessment of new overbuild platform at Brookfield Properties Development over Amtrak NYC tracks
  • Indoor air quality and microbial/mold assessments at Hudson Station, PSNY and Sunnyside Yard
  • Ergonomic assessment of truck, coupler and maintenance activities at Beech Grove, Indiana Maintenance Facility
  • Exposure assessment at 30th Street Station, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Exposure assessment at Newark Penn Station, Newark, New Jersey

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