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RE POWER® Solutions for Developers

Safely and successfully transform power plant sites to optimize the value of the assets and maximize the ROI with TRC's RE POWER® Program

While redevelopment of retired coal-fired power plant sites presents unique challenges that aren’t encountered on greenfield sites, retired coal-fired power plants are excellent candidates for low- and zero-carbon energy production.

These sites are located along existing transportation networks (e.g., rail, road, barge) which allows for ready importation of raw materials, and have access to water required for cooling and hydrogen production. They are also located in proximity to existing transmission networks (e.g., electrical grid, natural gas pipelines), which reduces upfront capital investment. Equally important, the communities around retired coal-fired power plants have an existing workforce experienced in energy production.

TRC’s experts understand how to repurpose the existing assets, work with state and local stakeholders, and get redevelopment projects permitted on tight schedules. With an in-house, fully integrated, energy technical services platform, TRC provides a “one-stop shop” for project development services. Rather than spending time managing multiple consultants, TRC helps clients gain efficiencies from integrated timelines and by working with a single TRC point of contact, clients can be assured of on-time, on-budget delivery of the project.

Why TRC?
  • One-stop-shop for project development
  • Experts in brownfield redevelopment
  • Experts in plant repurposing

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