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Health and Safety Management Services

Safety Performance Improvement

Strategies To Improve Safety Performance and Reduce Costly Incidents

Today’s proactive companies often confirm regulatory compliance, but also look to identify opportunities for improvements in safety performance. A safe workplace is an expectation as well as a requirement for today’s workforce. Direct costs, such as wages and medical treatment, and indirect costs such as incident investigations, employee retraining and hiring temporary workers to fill a temporary labor gap are notable safety costs. TRC’s safety consultants apply their expertise to improve safety performance through implementation of Behavior Based Safety Programs to improve and normalize safe work habits and Job Hazard Analyses to critically review, identify and control risks associated with the various tasks performed by employees.


Safety Management Systems

An occupational health and safety management system (SMS) is an organization-wide approach to identify and effectively manage workplace risks. Adopting a safety management system standard, such as ISO 45001, allows clients to identify and effectively control specific health and safety risks, as well as satisfy applicable regulatory requirements.

Services Include:

  • Management and Employee SMS Training
  • SMS Gap Assessments
  • SMS Design and Development
  • Integration of SMS With Quality and Environmental Management Systems


Behavioral Based Safety

TRC provides behavioral based safety (BBS) services to help companies improve safety performance through implementation of an observation program focused on eliminating unsafe or at-risk behaviors. A well-designed and implemented BBS Program can generate significant improvements in health and safety performance. These services can influence safety culture and awareness that drives significant safety improvements across the organization.

Services Include:

  • Program Development
  • Management and Employee Observation Training
  • Data Evaluation, Monitoring and Management
  • Reviews of Existing BBS Programs for Performance Optimization


Job Hazard Analyses and Human Factors

TRC has completed hundreds of Job Hazard Assessments (JHAs) to help clients identify specific job hazards, develop and implement appropriate work practices and to improve hazard communications so that employees can control risks and prevent injuries. Our JHAs focus on the human factors associated with performing tasks so that the cause of the risk is identified and properly controlled, including:

  • Job/Task Inventory
  • Risk Ranking Hazards
  • Development of Corrective Action Plans

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