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Civil & Transportation

Structural Engineering

Nationwide design, construction and software solutions for public and private infrastructure and buildings.

Inspection, construction and engineering services for bridges, highway structures, dams, flood controls and buildings.

TRC is an engineering firm providing a wide range of structural engineering services for public and private clients throughout the country to ensure the safety and constructability of their building and infrastructure assets. From airport terminals and pedestrian bridges to breweries and medical office buildings, our structural building plan engineers are prepared to design reliable infrastructure you can count on.

With specialized expertise in seismic engineering, geotechnical engineering and construction services, we can carry projects of any size from the conceptual planning stage through construction while ensuring that construction costs, safety, aesthetics and environmental requirements are addressed.

Our experience includes site analysis, feasibility studies, final designs, bid support and a range of construction services for new and rehabilitated bridges, above- and below-ground utilities, dams, water treatment facilities, commercial site buildings and ancillary structures of all kinds.

Our services include:

  • Cold form metal framing
  • Design for Renovation
  • Virtual construction including laser scanning
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Analysis and design of structural systems for buildings
  • Lateral loading analysis and design
  • Condition Assessment Inspections

TRC is proficient in all standard engineering software, including STAAD, RISA 3D, RISA Foundation, Mat3D, ALLPILE, LPILE and we are the developer and owner of suite of desktop tools for seismic analysis, evaluation and design for bridges. We’ve also earned a reputation for working well with contractors and mechanical engineers on delegated structural design services.

Bridges and Highway Structures

Whether revitalizing an aging bridge or addressing the need for a new or reconstructed structure, TRC’s veteran bridge engineers offer the expertise needed to plan, design and build structures that meet your capital improvement goals.

From standard highway overpasses to more complicated bridges with jointless decks, large piers and cable supports, our staff is proficient in how to design and construct what you need while meeting federal safety standards, permitting conditions and contract requirements for design aesthetics, traffic maintenance, stormwater pollution control, noise mitigation, cost and scheduling.

Our project experience includes the full range of bridge types and highway structures, including: 

  • Concrete arch   
  • Simple and multi-span steel through truss   
  • Steel deck truss   
  • Precast and cast-in-place concrete slabs   
  • Precast/prestressed box girder and I-girder   
  • Steel box girder   
  • Concrete segmental   
  • Plate girder (tangent and curved)  
  • Retaining walls  
  • Highway signage  
  • Sheeting and shoring  
  • Retaining walls  
  • Tolling gantries
  • Concrete inspection

Dams, Flood Controls and Water Resources Facilities

TRC has served the environmental and engineering needs of water resources market for 50 years, and our expertise is growing stronger in the Western United States. Our staff professionals have a long record of project experience to improve some of the nation’s largest water storage and delivery systems of reservoirs, aqueducts, power plants, pumping plants and treatment facilities. 

Today’s population growth and water shortages are a real problem in many areas of the country. TRC’s structural engineering services can help you address capacity needs by analyzing the adequacy of existing assets, locating and obtaining rights and permitting for new water sources and overseeing modifications and improvements to bring your community the water it needs through decommissioning or rehabilitating existing assets or constructing new containment, conveyance and treatment infrastructure. 

Dam safety and flood control is equally concerning in the advent of climate changes that cause high-magnitude storms. TRC can evaluate stability, seepage, inundation and breach hazards for dams and levees and deliver the design and construction to mitigate conditions. Our strong record includes a variety of emergency repair and rehabilitation projects for dams and setback levees that involved raising of levee roads, soil/cement/bentonite mixing, cutoff walls, reinforced concrete footing, floodwalls, seepage berms, earthfill, road grading, and rock slope protection. 

TRC’s Expert Building Plan Engineers

TRC specializes in performing engineering and plan reviews for building projects to ensure that designs meet code criteria. We work directly with contractors and construction inspectors to correct non-compliant work. 

We excel in providing constructability and value engineering reviews to minimize risk, prevent claims and save our clients’ money, and we support bid advertisements, evaluations and awards to ensure optimum cost savings and compliance with procurement laws.  

TRC’s flexiblity is an advantage to clients during construction

We provide office engineering, document control, resident engineering, cost estimating, value engineering, building service engineering, site supervision, safety management, project and construction program management. Our depth of talent allows us to provide as many resources as you need to meet the size and scope of your projects.

Looking for effective structural engineering services?

Turn to the experts at TRC.

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