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Monterey County Arroyo Seco Road Damage Repair Project


The restoration of Arroyo Seco Road posed several significant challenges following the severe California winter storms of 2022 and 2023. The roadway suffered extensive damage, with a 34-foot vertical drop and 200 feet of washout, rendering it impassable to the public. The collapse of a culvert and the washing out of the northbound lane exacerbated the situation, necessitating action to restore access and safety. Additionally, the closure of Arroyo Seco Campground further underscored the urgency of the project, as it impacted both recreational opportunities and local businesses reliant on tourism revenue..


To address these challenges, TRC Companies implemented a comprehensive plan focused on swift and effective restoration. Working closely with Monterey County Public Works, we leveraged innovative solutions, such as the construction of a mechanically stabilized embankment wall to stabilize the roadway and mitigate future erosion risks. Additionally, the installation of three 48-inch culverts and concrete footings ensures the long-term resilience of the repaired infrastructure. Meticulous planning, including the creation of temporary access roads, minimized disruption to local services and residents throughout the construction process.


The successful ongoing execution of the Arroyo Seco Road restoration project delivers tangible benefits to both the client and the surrounding community. By restoring access to the campground and reopening the roadway to the public, TRC Companies facilitated economic revitalization and enhanced quality of life for local residents. Moreover, the project’s adherence to FEMA guidelines ensures eligibility for disaster reimbursement, alleviating financial burdens on the client while enabling future investments in community infrastructure. Ultimately, our collaboration with Monterey County Public Works exemplifies our commitment to building resilient communities and fostering sustainable development for generations to come.

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