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Real Estate

Academic Institutions

Our wide-ranging expertise helps schools and colleges keep their real estate assets at the head of the class.

Ensure That Your Campus Makes the Grade

Academic institutions face unique challenges with their real estate assets — balancing student life, security and campus amenities with the need to maintain accreditation. TRC helps you ensure your classrooms, laboratories, offices, residence halls and athletic facilities are safe, well maintained and in good working order so they can serve as points of pride for students, staff and faculty — and act as selling points for prospective students and their parents.

New Construction Services

Some educational institutions seem to be in a constant state of construction and our engineers and consultants can help facilitate and ease that process. From permitting and regulatory compliance to construction inspection and testing, TRC is here to plan, prepare, engineer, and execute your new building, stadium or laboratory.

Building Sciences

To ensure your students and faculty are happy, healthy and safe from contaminants, TRC can provide a full suite of building sciences services, including water loss and microbial (mold) assessment services, indoor air quality (IAQ) assessments, asbestos-containing materials (ACM) consulting and testing, and lead-based paint (LBP) testing, mitigation and removal.

Physical Security Consulting

Recent events have spotlighted the measures schools and universities must begin taking to protect their students and faculty. TRC’s Certified Protection Professionals (CPP) and a Physical Security Professionals (PSP) have consulted on and resolved security matters across the United States and Canada, including threat and vulnerability assessments, designing advanced surveillance, entrance and egress design and construction, and, among others, active shooter training.

Related Real Estate Consulting and Asset Management services offered by TRC include:

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