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Coastal Engineering

Land and Waterfront Development

Cost-effective waterfront development begins with a complete understanding of site conditions, natural resources and regulatory jurisdictions.

The TRC waterfront development team has followed this approach for more than 20 years on a wide variety of projects, from $7.5 million private waterfront redevelopments to federal infrastructure improvements.

TRC provides siting, design, regulatory strategy, permitting, and construction monitoring services for coastal and offshore projects in both urban and undeveloped settings. These waterfront developments range in size from mixed-use resort complexes and power plants to private docks and shoreline stabilization structures, and often include redevelopment of remediated sites.

Our particular areas of land development expertise focuses on urban waterfront development, mixed use commercial retail and residential development, community housing development and biopharma and hospital institutional development. TRC also has unique experience in coastal resort and marina development projects as well as golf course and recreational facilities development.


Our services include:

Waterfront Development

  • Coastal Engineering and Coastal Facilities Engineering
  • Waterfront Facilities Integration
  • Civil Site Engineering

Site Investigation

  • Coastal Zone Consistency
  • Coastal and Marine Resource Assessments
  • Hydrogeologic Investigations (Water Supply/ Irrigation)
  • Water Quality and Sediment Sampling & Analysis
  • Drone Surveys
  • Visual Simulations & Geospatial Analysis

Due Diligence and Concept Planning

  • Environmental Impact Documents
  • Coastal Resilience Planning & Design
  • Chapter 91 Waterways Permitting / Licensing
  • Environmental Permitting and Regulatory Compliance (federal, state, local)
  • Hazard Analysis, Mapping & Mitigation
  • Shoreline Protection Planning & Design
  • Stormwater Management
  • Water Supply and Irrigation Alternative Assessments

Remediation and Cleanup

  • Dredging and Dredged Materials Management
  • Contaminated Sediment Management
  • Groundwater & Soil Remediation
  • Wetlands Restoration

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