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EHS Management Consulting and Advisory

Pollution Prevention, Waste Minimization and Recycling

Prevention and Minimization of Hazardous Waste and Other Regulated Waste

Utilizing fewer toxic materials or transitioning to non-toxic materials has been a goal for many companies across industries over the last 30 years. These actions typically minimize regulatory requirements while providing cost-effective solutions to protect the workforce and the environment. TRC provides comprehensive services for pollution prevention technologies, waste minimization and advanced recycling solutions. These services help industries decrease their regulatory requirements while identifying innovative ways to address their chemical, industrial, mechanical and environmental process challenges and needs.

Companies that routinely generate hazardous waste and other related waste have significant costs embedded within the organization to properly identify, manage, store, transport and dispose of these wastes. Companies that have examined and implemented innovative technologies to eliminate or minimize their waste generation and use greener chemicals have benefitted in lessening their environmental risks and costs. These activities will benefit the organization in its market competitiveness and minimize environmental risks in the future.

TRC pollution prevention and waste minimization services include:

  • Evaluate processes to identify waste generation activities and recommend pollution prevention and waste minimization solutions
  • Improve processes or implement alternative materials/fuels to avoid costly regulatory requirements
  • Changing energy generation to renewable low/non-carbon solutions to drive carbon reduction to minimize their footprint
  • Integrate technology to eliminate or significantly decrease emissions and discharges into the environment
  • Improve energy use and/or recovery to reduce operating costs
  • Reduce waste management and disposal costs through process improvements that lead to less or no waste

TRC has experienced waste management specialists, regulatory specialists and process engineers to help you evaluate your processes to determine opportunities for eliminating waste generation or reducing the use of toxic, flammable and corrosive materials that must be properly disposed of. Our team is ready to assist you with your pollution prevention, waste minimization and recycling needs.

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