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RE POWER® Solutions for Power Plant Owners

Safely and successfully transform power plant sites to optimize the value of the assets and maximize the ROI with TRC's RE POWER® Program

TRC established its RE POWER® Program to provide our clients with clear, well-defined scopes of work that are tailored to accomplishing stakeholder goals in the transition, decommissioning and redevelopment of retiring generation assets. Our focus is on the long-term, best-value option for repurposing the site. This is exemplified by our early-phase planning activities, which include strategic planning, market assessment and Return on Investment (ROI) analysis.

Utilizing a collaborative approach between TRC and the owner, the RE POWER® Program starts with definition of our client’s goals, identification of each necessary task and evaluation of multiple performance options, calculated to deliver optimum value. Value is realized through innovative work planning, effective engagement with regulators and local stakeholders and continual monitoring of means and methods with a focus on safety and cost savings.

Having served as advisor, consultant, Owner’s Engineer and Prime Contractor, TRC has a true 360-degree perspective on how to successfully plan, design, contract and execute the scopes of work. By applying this experience, TRC developed two proprietary platforms – the Asset Management and Optimization Program and the Itemized Decommissioning Task List.

The Asset Management and Optimization Program is a platform of processes and procedures specifically constructed to identify, evaluate and explore options to increase the return value of project fixed assets. This platform is operated based on cost to value governance projected on the execution strategy for decommissioning of the power plant.

The Itemized Decommissioning Task List platform is employed as a tool to analyze the activities required to implement a site-specific decommissioning strategy. The platform analyzes each task from operational status through decommissioning status, with a focus on the planned reuse. The output of this platform can be used as the scope of work for unit decommissioning.

Why TRC?

  • 360° perspective gained from OE, Prime Contractor and Developer roles
  • Proven record of success with over 40 projects

The Three Phases of Decommissioning

Phase 1 - Plant Transitioning

Provide strategic planning and recommendations for potential end use of property/electrical infrastructure, decommissioning and asset recovery strategies and pre-demolition planning activities.

Phase 2 – Decommissioning

Perform power plant decommissioning and demolition, site remediation and hazardous materials abatement and redevelopment planning.

Phase 3 – Repurposing/Reuse

Perform redevelopment activities to allow for full use of the power plant site location, providing community benefit and/or enabling the sale of the asset for commercial purposes.

TRC Decommissions LA's Scattergood Power Plant

TRC was awarded a contract to decommission one of the three power generating units at Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s Scattergood Generating Station – while the other two units remained in full service. Learn how the project came together.

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