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Scattergood Power Plant Decommissioning

TRC was the prime contractor and completed this successful project safely and on time.

The LADWP Scattergood Unit 3 decommissioning project was an 18-month dismantling of the power plant facilities to eliminate the once through ocean water cooling. The unit was connected to two other operating units and located adjacent to residential neighborhoods. The project included the dismantling of the Unit 3 generating plant, which consisted of the generator building, a generator, a natural gas fired boiler, 334’ tall exhaust stack, SCR system, cooling tower and associated support equipment. During the abatement phase, Galbestos panels affixed to the exterior of the boiler frame and the generator building structure had to be disconnected and removed intact. The Unit 3 generating plant was dismantled systematically, while not impacting the surrounding community and the other operating units at the LADWP plant.

TRC, serving as the prime contractor, completed this successful decommissioning project on time and safely, while addressing the operational challenges of working in an operating generating plant. The key to success was designing an engineered dismantling plan to systematically remove the unit in a safe and controlled process. The project featured several elements that were entwined during the 17-month schedule, including three months of hazardous materials abatement, six months of asbestos abatement and seven months of dismantling. The project was completed without any accidents and three months ahead of schedule.


  • Unit 3 generating plant was successfully removed.
  • LADWP continued providing electricity without interruption.
  • Daily air monitoring showed no impact to the plant or surrounding community.
  • The adjacent city streets, bicycle paths and sidewalks remained open for public use.
  • TRC actively supported the LADWP with community outreach.
  • TRC implemented a cloud-based document control system for all submittals and project related correspondence.
  • Site restoration was completed to provide the plant use of the area until future development of the site.
  • Installation of a community-focused mural, by a local artist, on the one remaining above ground storage tank at the facility.
  • No OSHA recordable injuries over the course of the 476-day project.

Project Location: El Segundo, California

Completion Date: November 2017

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