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Utility Carbon Data Management

May 27, 2024

We’re pleased to announce Episode 7 of TRC’s Energy Talks Podcast, where we join experts from utilities and carbon accounting solution providers to discuss how our industry is understanding, measuring, and working to improve our collective carbon footprint.

Increasingly, utilities are focused on reducing their own emissions, as well as the emissions of their suppliers and ultimately their customers. In this podcast, we discuss the standards for carbon accounting, including an overview of the GHG Protocol’s definition of Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 emissions. Our speakers take a deep dive into the organizational structure of carbon data management: who’s doing the managing, who has the data, and what goals are we managing towards? And how can utilities better help customers on their decarbonization journey?

We discuss five important data-related use cases that are shaping the evolution of carbon accounting:

  • Customer data presentment: utilities are increasingly making data available to customers to help them better understand and take ownership of their emissions footprint
  • Green tariffs: the industry is exploring these and other mechanisms for supporting renewable energy procurement for end users
  • Load flexibility: utilities can implement dynamic rates using clean energy as a price signal – but must be mindful of the alignment of emissionality and peak demand
  • Carbon flow: advanced carbon accounting is now possible using a highly granular method of allocating emissions from end-to-end across the power system
  • Energy attribute certificates: environmental attributes of clean energy projects can be quantified in a form akin to renewable energy certificates or RECs (the subject of our previous podcast episode)

Hear from the Experts: Tune in to Podcast Episode #7

Join our panel of energy industry specialists as we discuss the current state of utility carbon data management. This episode features guest speakers from a diverse background of data and customer experience:

  • Eli Gerson – Manager of Innovation, Ameren. Eli oversees Ameren Innovation’s project portfolio, managing Ameren’s sustainable growth efforts related to: Affordability, Economic Development, Efficient Electrification, Integrated Grid, and New Product & Service Development. Eli has an MBA from Washington University in St Louis and a B.A. in secondary education and teaching from the University of Michigan.
  • Karl Breustedt – Senior Director of Business Development, Singularity Energy. Singularity’s platform provides an end-to-end carbon data management solution for electric utilities. Prior to joining Singularity, Karl worked at Bain & Company, where he consulted on strategy, operations, and commercial excellence for industrial and financial services clients. He graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Finance.
  • McGee Young – Founder, WattCarbon. McGee developed a platform that’s scaling the transition by making high impact clean energy accessible to any organization. The WattCarbon Energy Attribute Tracking System is the first ever registry designed specifically for distributed energy resources, enabling buying for any hour, from any clean energy resource.
  • Patrick Hosty – Sr. Business Development Manager, Constellation Navigator. Patrick was on the founding team of Dynamhex, a carbon accounting software as a service start-up acquired by Constellation in 2022. Mr. Hosty guides Constellation Navigator’s Carbon Accounting channel partnerships. For more information, visit or contact
  • Maddie Emerson – Strategy & Regulatory Manager, TRC. Maddie leads initiatives within TRC’s Advanced Energy practice to drive decarbonization and energy efficiency in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors for our utility client partners. Based out of St. Louis, MO, Maddie is the host of the TRC Energy Talks Podcast, an open discussion forum for “all things energy.”

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By planning, designing and implementing decarbonization and energy efficiency programs across the U.S., TRC is helping our clients achieve a clean and equitable energy future for the communities they serve.

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