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Boston, Massachusetts

DCAMM Security Systems Needs Assessment Audit/Study

TRC is currently performing a Security Systems Needs Assessment Audit/Study for DCAMM.

The project consists of three phases:

  • Task 1 is a pilot study, assessment, and security system design (and support) for a state building in a campus/rural setting.
  • Task 2 is a pilot study, assessment, and security system design (and support) for a state building in a dense, urban setting.
  • Task 3 is a State-wide review and implementation strategy for selected sites to evaluate and recommend an enterprise security solution for all state facilities, compare the available systems and architectures, and produce a final summary of recommendations for deployment to meet the operational and physical security goals (new or existing) in Commonwealth owned or operated facilities.

For the first two phases, TRC will perform security assessments of two facilities (pilot studies) and then design the new building security systems for the common areas of the site and the facilities that are the responsibility of DACMM. For each of the two sites, TRC will:

  • Perform a Systems Review and Study
  • Develop Construction Documents for the build-out of the new security systems
  • Provide Bidding and Negotiation Support
  • Provide Construction Compliance / Construction Administration Support

Systems encompassed by this task order include:

  • Access Control and Intrusion Detection
  • Video Surveillance and Recording
  • Intelligent Video Analytics
  • Intercommunications (including call for assistance stations)
  • Facility command, control, and communication (C3) centers for the pilot site

The third phase of the project is to study and assessment to develop an implementation plan for the enterprise-wide integrated electronic security system (IESS) and a PSIM to be deployed across the Commonwealth for all DACMM facilities. TRC will evaluate existing security systems and enterprise-wide needs by reviewing the existing approaches, security management philosophy, and telecommunications infrastructure environment. We will then evaluate the systems being used at up to 10 representative sites to develop an implementation plan based that study/audit and also on the expansion of the IESS systems designed and installed at the two pilot sites.

In the final phase, TRC will develop the security standard for all State facilities and then evaluated the first 25 facilities to be evaluated under this new security initiative. The security assessments apply a federally developed security assessment process (from the Interagency Security Committee) that requires that each building be screened and identified in a specific security level (from lowest to highest) based on the population of the facility, its use, its mission to support the Commonwealth, and impacts of losing that facility for an extended period of time. After the screening, an assessment is performed to identify what specific security masseuses are needed to meet the specific security level identified for the facility.


Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance

Project Location

Boston, Massachusetts

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