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Regulatory Updates

NERC Proposes Implementation Guidance for PRC-019-2

Dylan Achey | Tim Farrar, PE | August 22, 2022

NERC has proposed implementation guidance for PRC-019-2, the standard that verifies coordination of generating unit facility or synchronous condenser voltage regulating controls, limit functions, equipment capabilities and protection system settings.

The proposed guidance provides valuable information regarding approaches to assuring coordination between a generator voltage control system and its associated protection functions. The guidance aims to provide utilities with reasonable assumptions that may be used in the calculations to meet the intent of this standard.

The implementation guidance provides details and examples of methods along with the type of coordination affirming plots that are expected to be provided as audit evidence. The addition of dispersed generating resources to the guidance is important to note.

  • Traditional Synchronous Generation
  • Synchronous Condensers
  • Type 1 & Type 2 Wind Turbines
  • Inverter Based Resources:
    • Type 3 Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG) or Doubly Fed Asynchronous Generator (DFAG) Wind Turbine
    • Type 4 Full Conversion Wind Turbine
    • Photovoltaic (Solar) System
    • Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) Synchronous Generators

The NERC System Protection and Control Working Group (SPCWG) has made available a supporting technical reference document to aid the industry. The document provides details regarding the variables, system conditions and analysis associated with generation control and protection coordination.

Next Steps

Utility NERC compliance departments and their protection analysis groups should carefully review the most recent NERC implementation guidance for PRC-019-2 as they prepare and revise internal controls and develop evidence for proving their company’s compliance in future NERC compliance audits.

With expertise in all areas of power system planning and power delivery, along with protection and control system engineering, TRC can provide independent technical advice and project management services regarding PRC-019-2 compliance to review your company’s affected compliance related documents. TRC can make recommendations for your company’s compliance process changes and assist in preparation or perform the studies and protection analysis required to verify compliance.


Your Trusted Regulatory Advisor

TRC closely follows the national and state regulatory trends in all regions of North America. Our approach to power system engineering, planning, design,  construction and commissioning testing balances solutions that incorporate appropriate industry trends, mandatory standard requirements, regulatory guidance, compliance obligations, best practices, operational goals and budgets. With expertise in both power system planning and operations, TRC supports public utilities and private energy providers in their effort to stay ahead of the curve and to meet regulatory requirements as they evolve.

This regulatory update is provided as a service to TRC’s utility clients, helping to  keep you informed of forward-looking issues that will impact your company’s electric system reliability risks along with related topics regarding regulatory developments to help you achieve your company’s business goals.

Dylan Achey

Dylan Achey is TRC’s Manager of Generation Engineering Services. He has been leading the effort with TRC generation clients on evaluating and providing updates/information so that clients can meet applicable NERC standards. His highly technical staff perform NERC compliance standard evaluations as well as studies for both generation and transmission clients that need assistance on technical issues concerning NERC compliance. Contact Dylan at

Tim Farrar, PE

Tim Farrar is a licensed professional engineer and works as the Protection & Controls Chief Engineer in TRC’s Augusta, Maine office. He is also a Certified Control System Technician (CCST) and Licensed Electrician with an Associate Degree from Eastern Maine Technical in Electrical Power Technology. Tim has 28 years of experience in protection and controls systems engineering for electric utilities and power generation industries including 10 years at Central Maine Power Company and 18 Years in the consulting engineering business. He has held several positions at TRC as an Engineer, Supervisor of Automation and Controls and Electrical Engineering Manager prior to his current position as Chief Engineer.

Contact Tim at

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