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Regulatory Update

NERC Identifies New Reliability Risk due to Utility Scale Solar Generation Inverter Design

Steve Persutti | June 13, 2017

NERC has released a report documenting its findings and recommendations related to reliability risks from utility scale solar generation projects. It has implications for PRC-024 compliance and generation, interconnection and protection system technologies.

TRC’s latest Regulatory Update on this topic reviews:

  • Background of the Blue Cut wildfire tripping event
  • Key findings from NERC’s analysis of the event and the operating characteristics of impacted equipment
  • Impacts and potential revisions to Standard PRC-024
  • Role of the newly created NERC Solar Resource Performance Task Force
  • Next steps for ensuring reliability and NERC compliance

The newly identified operating characteristic of utility scale PV installations will require proper planning, re-design, and coordination going forward to prevent risk and remain in compliance.

NERC plans to produce lessons learned and technical reference guidance from the information gathered through analysis of this event.

For more information, please download our Regulatory Update.

Steve Persutti

Steve Persutti is TRC’s Senior Vice President of Business Development. He has 25 years of comprehensive management experience within the energy industry and a consistent and successful record in strategic business planning, productivity and efficiency improvements, systems design and implementation, and employee collaboration. His areas of expertise include engineering management, project management, EPC project management, construction management, financial analysis and customer service. Steve has an M.B.A in Finance from the University of Hartford and a B.S. in Marketing from the University of Connecticut. Contact Steve at

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