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Regulatory Update

NERC Standard Extends Maintenance Program Obligations to Generators

Bryan Griffin | February 3, 2014

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has issued an order approving NERC Standard PRC-005-2 which extends the obligations for protection system maintenance programs to Generators.

PRC-005-2 combines the requirements of four previous standards into one comprehensive standard establishing minimum maintenance activities and maximum time intervals for the maintenance of individual components of protection systems and load shedding equipment affecting the bulk electric system.

More details about PRC-005-2 and the compliance actions you will need to take are available in TRC’s latest Regulatory Update.

Protection system maintenance is a complex and continually changing area of focus for NERC and FERC. There will be future changes in this family of standards over time.

While compliance deadlines depend on the particular and specific assets, the implementation period will begin in one year.

Regulated entities should prepare now for compliance. Important areas of focus include:

  • Understand how your company may currently be positioned relative to compliance with the new mandatory requirements.
  • Analyze your existing generator protection systems relative to the new standards.
  • Identify how your company’s existing assets, processes and procedures would satisfy the proposed requirements.
  • Develop and implement a plant to correct, modify and improve your company’s compliance program in anticipation of the new standards.

How do you plan to address reliability related to protection system maintenance programs? What is your biggest challenge related to this issue? Please share your questions and best practices in the comments section below.

Bryan Griffin

Bryan Griffin, PMP is Manager of TRC’s Generation Engineering Services Group. Bryan has over 25 years of experience in generation having served in engineering, maintenance and operational roles in fossil and nuclear generation. As a certified Project Management Professional Bryan has lead several large EPC projects for TRC’s Power Delivery Group. Contact Bryan at

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