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Portland, ME

Portland Brownfields Assessment Grants and Revolving Loan Fund Grants

TRC has been assisting the City of Portland with their Brownfields Program since 2016 as their Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) under EPA’s Brownfields Program and has assessed dozens of sites repositioning them for redevelopment. The City has been awarded multiple Brownfields Assessment Grants and Revolving Loan Fund Grants (RLF).


The City of Portland is a historic and quickly growing municipality. There is a constant need for new housing, commercial buildings and community spaces. Sites included in the City’s

Brownfields program include:

  • Thompon’s Point: a former railroad depot that is currently being redeveloped into event spaces, retail store fronts and brewery/winery spaces, a new children’s museum, and a hotel
  • Front Street Housing Developments: an aging public housing complex that is currently being abated, demolished and rebuilt in several phases
  • Portland Company Development: a former industrial railroad complex along the City’s downtown waterfront, which is currently being redeveloped into commercial office space, restaurants, a marina and housing
  • Several smaller sites that require assessment and cleanup to facilitate the development of new housing and/or independent commercial businesses

TRC regularly assists the City with the preparation of Phase I and II ESAs and HBMSs, as well as review of documents compiled by the developers’ QEPs to ensure compliance with the Brownfields program.

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