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Long Beach California

Port of Long Beach Hazardous Materials Site Remediation Services Contract

TRC was awarded a 3‐year contract by the Port of Long Beach to provide on‐call hazardous waste site remediation services. Under the contract, TRC is expected to provide remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater using on‐site treatment technologies or removal of hazardous substances from affected sites; short‐notice response to mitigate and/or remediate minor spills and discharges throughout the Harbor District, and removal of illegally dumped material or contaminated media; feasibility and cost/benefit evaluations of available remedial technologies; and procurement of applicable permits and other interactions with Federal, State, and local regulatory agencies as directed by Port staff.  Projects included the following:

Harbor Scenic Drive Waterline Replacement: TRC personnel coordinated removal of water and contaminants from pipelines and groundwater from excavations during municipal waterline replacement activities conducted along Harbor Scenic Drive. Multiple vacuum trucks and a 20,000‐gallon storage tank were used to remove, temporarily store, and transport fluids from the pipelines and excavations to a disposal facility. The storage tank was placed on an adjacent property and fluids were transported to the tank for temporary storage. Fluids were removed from the tank for disposal on an as‐needed basis during the project. Following completion of waterline replacement activities, TRC profiled and disposed of concrete‐lined metal piping and soil generated during waterline replacement.

Emergency Response Activities at Storm Water Pump Station 30: TRC provided and managed subcontracted emergency response activities for a diesel spill that occurred near Storm Water Pump Station 30. Activities included initial spill response, soil sampling, soil loading, transportation and disposal, and project management.

Emergency Response Activities at Storm Water Pump Station 28: TRC provided and managed subcontracted emergency response activities at the Storm Water Pump Station 28. Activities included initial emergency response; oil boom deployment and maintenance (booms checked 3 days per week); confined space entries into storm drain structure for inspections and repairs; and loading, transportation, and disposal of used booms. Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan for Storm Water Pump Station 28: TRC prepared a SPCC Plan pursuant to 40 CFR 112 for Storm Water Pump Station 28.

Pier A West Storm Water Ponds: TRC initially conducted water sampling activities and managed subcontractor to pump out storm drain system, conduct disposal of non‐hazardous liquids, and perform confined space entry into storm drain junction structure for repairs. Following repair activities to junction structure, TRC conducted inspections of the liners of three storm water ponds and managed subcontracted liner repair activities.

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