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Geo-Environmental Engineering

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Dynamic Tools for Capturing, Analyzing and Visualizing Data

TRC delivers information in easy-to-follow graphics using the power of GIS technology to help our clients solve problems and make better and more informed decisions.

Our team of over 50 GIS professionals collaborate with clients to provide conceptualized data in products ranging from easy-to-follow graphics for professional presentations to web-based portals for viewing and analyzing multiple layers of information.

We work closely with clients, project teams and technical specialists to provide relevant, useful, and accessible information needed to analyze, plan, design, permit and construct complex projects. And we are responsible for the creation, organization and analysis of all project related geospatial data.

TRC has invested in state-of-the-art tools and processes like autonomous data collection, desktop spatial analysis, GPS and tablet-based field devices, and unmanned aerial vehicles for better access to environmental and geographic conditions and more insightful data. We use a variety of geospatial data formats and tools to help clients assess, visualize, measure, and characterize land use, terrain, wildlife, natural resources, and environmental changes and impacts.

We are experts with the ArcGIS platform as well as many other applications. Our experience includes both commercial and open-source platforms as well as solutions that integrate with GIS, office desktop software, and web platforms. Get the information you need through powerful, user friendly applications and multi-media products with the GIS experts at TRC.


Data Development and Organization

  • Data mining and research
  • Data conversion/transformation
  • Database development and management

Geographic Data Analysis

  • Linear Route Planning
  • Project Impact/Alternatives Analysis (environmental impact documents and permitting)
  • Monitoring/Testing Site Inventory and Modeling
  • 2D and 3D Terrain / Spatial Modeling and Visual Impact Analysis
  • Site Suitability and Critical Issues Analysis (siting, routing, and critical flaw assessments)

Mapping and Visualization

  • Interactive Map Applications and Data Portals (Online web-based portals)
  • Mobile Applications
  • Dashboards
  • High Quality Graphics and Maps
  • Visual impact assessments and simulations
  • Drawing and Map Conversion
  • GIS Analysis and mapping
  • GIS/CADD Integration
  • Photogrammetric mapping
  • Remote sensing
  • Resource mapping
  • Viewshed/visual analysis
  • Visual renderings and simulations

Field Data Collection

  • Approved, insured and FAA-licensed Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)/drone provider
  • Sub-meter GPS Collection
  • Customized Mobile Data Collection Forms
  • Real-time Field Data Collection Applications (Geospatial data collection analysis and management)
  • Field surveys and GPS Data Collection

Data Collection Technologies

  • Aerial photography and videography
  • Construction monitoring and tracking
  • Data analysis and visualization
  • Digital Surface Models (DSMs)
  • Environmental change monitoring
  • Facility and Asset inspections
  • Photogrammetry
  • Right-of-way survey
  • Site characterization and monitoring
  • Bathymetric surveys

Looking for an effective GIS company?

Turn to the GIS mapping experts at TRC.

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