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Hydro-One Distribution System Update

Project Overview of Hydro-One EMS System Update

Hydro One (HONI) is Ontario’s largest electricity transmission and distribution service provider. HONI‘s Energy Management System (EMS) is currently running on GE e-terraplatform (EMP) 2.6 and is in the process of being upgraded to GE Platform 3.4 to introduce the GE Network Model Manager (NMM) offline modeling, as part of a separate project lead by TRC.​

This project is intended to replace their current external model from a 2012 peak case planning model to a new model, through a more semi-automatic process from the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO).​

The value of updating the external model for HONI is considerable. It will result in bringing more real-time data, instead of estimated data, to the system. This will allow Operators to respond to a catastrophe in a more accurate way. as they will have access to a representation of the situation, instead of an estimated one.​

This project, through a combination of waterfall and agile methodology, will be based on model management (reduction and equivalency) on a Common Information Model (CIM), using CIMSpy and the GE set of Modeling and Power Application tools.​

Customer : HydroOne​

Project Name : External Model Update​

Project Awarded date : Sept 2021​

Project Duration 16 months

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