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Tech-Enabled Reporting Speeds Time to Compliance for Pipeline Companies


TRC can deliver digital versions of emission test reports in less than five business days after the completion of field work – 25 days sooner than the industry-standard 30 days.

Compression engines are fundamental to the reliable operation of natural gas pipelines. Depending on their design, these engines are subject to New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) and National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP).  Both NSPS and NESHAP establish emission testing requirements for engines that power pipeline compressors.  With thousands of engines in service, the management of engine test programs is a daily challenge for pipeline operators, requiring them to consistently schedule, review and submit testing reports to regulators. Pipeline operators can face penalties if reports are submitted late, so timely processing is critical.

Traditionally, emission testing companies travel to test locations, test engines along the pipeline, and then return the field data to an office for reduction and reporting. In some cases, this approach has left pipeline operators insufficient time for internal review and in other cases, resulted in late reports. To meet regulatory requirements, achieve compliance objectives and avoid negative public and shareholder exposure, pipeline operators need an improved and modernized reporting process.


TRC has developed technology to accelerate the report production, reducing the time required to create and deliver a high-quality, technically proficient report. Relying on remote data uploading, streamlined data management systems and enhanced data security, TRC can now assemble and peer-review emission test reports more quickly and efficiently, enabling TRC to complete engine test reports within days, not weeks, of field testing.


TRC can now create and submit customized, digital versions of emission test reports for various engine testing applications with the same level of quality our clients have come to expect in less than five business days after the completion of field work. Getting our clients reports weeks before the industry-standard 30 days creates a buffer in their timeline for meeting regulatory submission deadlines and reduces the risk of penalties for late submittals.

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