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Challenges With Fuels for the Future: Emissions, RNG and Hydrogen

Nov 10, 2021 2:00 PM

Virtual Event

Please join TRC’s Mike Lamont, Monique Roberts and Susan Slattery as they talk about natural gas as a foundation fuel for the future of renewables, challenges we will face related to emissions and renewable natural gas as well as gearing up to transition and modernize current infrastructure for hydrogen. Learn what you can do now to be a strategic advocate for natural gas and the challenges we will need to overcome to reduce emissions and support renewables.

Addressing the problem of climate change requires us to recognize how best to reduce emissions while meeting the growing energy needs of our communities. Natural gas is and will remain a critical partner to building a cleaner energy future by empowering energy services vital to our current and future economy, as well as serving as the energy foundation to every aspect of our daily life.

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