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A focus on moving forward.

Rethinking and rebuilding our transportation infrastructure is one of the nation’s most pressing issues, and one that brings unprecedented cost. With trillions of dollars needed to repair and improve everything from rural streets to subway tunnels, the roadway to repair can seem unclear.

TRC provides the vision to create a pathway for success. From consulting and planning, to environmental analysis, engineering and construction, we set the bar for clients needing more than engineering and construction knowledge to solve infrastructure challenges.

Backed by 50 years of design excellence, environmental innovation and construction know-how, TRC combines science and applied technology with sound business strategy to navigate project journeys. With an unsurpassed commitment to safety, quality and sustainability, we ensure that our clients get the best mileage out of transportation investments, and that their communities remain viable for years to come.

Rail and Mass Transit

As the backbone of our nation's economy, railroad and transit challenges demand creativity, and TRC brings just that, empowering clients and pushing the limits of what’s possible.

Driving safety, reliability and profit.

For more than 150 years, railroads have played a workhorse role in the American economy.

That tradition has become even more critical today as increased demands are placed on freight and passenger service to support expanding urban populations, energy demands and trade.

TRC understands the challenges of maintaining the safety and reliability of American railroads, tracks, bridges, stations, signals, maintenance shops, railyards and utilities.

Leveraging our superior environmental and engineering resources, we offer an unsurpassed range of talent and experience in all facets of railroad engineering, planning and construction.

Relying on such resources, we assist our clients with a wide range of projects that include:

  • Environmental health and safety compliance
  • Planning, permitting, and licensing
  • Infrastructure design and construction
  • Remediation and land use development
  • Emergency management and response
  • Resilience and sustainability


Roadways and Highways

TRC develops soundly engineered, context-sensitive solutions for moving people and products to their intended destinations.

A Long Road Ahead. Vision to Move Forward.

The task of fixing U.S. roadways seems daunting. TRC shines light on the challenges ahead for improving the safety and efficiency of local, state and interstate highways. Our experts provide reliable, cost-effective solutions that help reshape communities while achieving the objectives of your highway capital improvement plan. We consider many factors in order to effectively meet safety, service and performance standards, and strive to incorporate innovative materials, design features and traffic management strategies where practical.

Leveraging the talents of seasoned professionals across a broad spectrum of disciplines, we are accustomed to dealing with the many technical, regulatory and public relations challenges that you face. At the same time, we remain equally sensitive to your long-term cost and funding issues that are often associated with maintaining and improving your transportation systems to acceptable standards. In addition to traditional design-bid-build, TRC actively participates in such initiatives as the use of design-build and public-private partnerships that afford alternative means to getting needed projects completed quickly.


Bridges and Highway Structures

Foundational ideas for rebuilding infrastructure and providing the expertise to address bridge and related structural challenges at any stage of the asset's life cycle.

Strengthening the Way Forward

Both reducing the number of poor bridges and ensuring new bridge infrastructure is built to stand the test of time is an ongoing priority throughout the U.S. Our engineers have the tools and the talent to address even your most complex bridge-related challenges.

The number of bridges needing significant maintenance, rehabilitation or replacement is an ongoing priority throughout the U.S. To address this challenge, a solid foundation is needed to explore ideas, define an approach and move forward. TRC’s foundation to address such challenges is both broad and deep. 

Public Transportation

TRC’s project experience, local expertise and client relationships make us the partner of choice for your next project. Our complete suite of turnkey transit solutions helps our clients plan, build, operate, maintain, and partner for improved mobility and sustainability in today's connected cities.

An Unsurpassed Range of Talent and Experience Deliver Extraordinary Value

TRC’s licensed engineers, construction and program managers, inspectors, office engineers, technicians and administrative professionals have delivered success on complex transit programs and projects across the country and abroad. Our expertise includes rail transit stations, rail vehicle maintenance facilities and yards, trackwork installation and maintenance, train control, transit power, controls and communications, rail vehicle support, tunnels, highways, bridges and aerial structures, and emergency access structures.

TRC’s technical, regulatory and consulting experts help you manage risk and achieve goals at any stage of your project. Our environmental range of services includes air quality management, industrial hygiene, occupational health and safety, cultural resources management, and environmental assessments.

With multimedia compliance experts and one of the largest biological / cultural resources permitting teams in the country, we help you assess environmental conditions, implement engineering solutions and achieve and maintain compliance with regulatory and project goals.


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