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Watch and Protect Services

As providers of innovative solutions to safeguard your assets and personnel our team helps create a working environment that promotes safe performance.

The Missing Link in Damage Prevention

Concerned about the rising trends in damage to your pipeline infrastructure despite conventional prevention efforts? According to the 2022 Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT) Report, overall pipeline damage per thousand (DPT) has increased by 9.34% since 2020. TRC has successfully decreased our client’s DPT by 20% during the same period. Our Watch and Protect program is the missing link to your employee and asset safety and protection needs.

Building a Safety Culture

TRC’s Watch and Protect Program is designed to strengthen your damage prevention initiatives by fostering a culture of teamwork and collaboration among third-party excavators, locators and our pipeline safety team. By establishing this safety culture, TRC has effectively protected assets and reduced safety incidents.

Our team of professionals helpalleviate employees and assets from unsafe and out of regulation excavation practices. We prioritize safeguarding your assets and the personnel working in proximity to them.

Watch Protection Services Include:

  • Enhancing Damage Protection Programs
  • Liaison services between Operator, Locators, and Excavators
  • Pre-Construction Facilitation
  • Education and Awareness
  • Process Clarification
  • DigSafe Compliance
  • Public Image Preservation
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Damage Mitigation


We Deliver Damage Prevention Results in these Critical Safety Areas

1. Communication

  • TRC acts as a liaison between operators, locators, and excavators.
  • We facilitate pre-construction meetings to foster effective working relationships.
  • We build rapport with contractors and locators to ensure compliance with DigSafe laws.

2. Education

  • TRC offers tailored training to excavators based on field observations.
  • Clarify operator-specific processes to ensure compliance.

3. Mitigation

  • We help by identifying and rectifying common root causes of damage before incidents occur.
  • TRC compiles data on excavation activities and contractors to determine high-risk activities.

4. Public Image

  • TRC proactively promotes a positive public image through community awareness efforts.


Highlighted Success

Over a three-year period that we implemented a Watch and Protect program for a major pipeline operator, our client experienced a 20% reduction in overall DPT. Additionally, contractor negligence dropped from the leading root cause of damage to the third cause. Since implementing our suggested audits on untonable lines, our client has seen a 60% reduction in reports received. These trends highlight the collaboration of our Watch and Protect team with local contractors and our ability to reduce the risk of asset damage for our clients.

Need assistance for your damage prevention initiatives?

Turn to the Watch and Protect consultants at TRC.

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