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Power Academy - Instructors

Meet Your Power Academy Instructors

Morteza Talebi
Ph.D, National Testing and Commissioning Technical Training ManagerMorteza Talebi has over 10 years of experience in power engineering and training. His areas of expertise include substation testing and commissioning, power system protection and control, power system research and development and power utilities human performance and safety. Morteza leads the design, development and evaluation of TRC’s technical and non-technical power training courses for all employee levels. He supervises various phases of design and development of web-based trainings and modern educational techniques and manages technical training staff including training schedules, curriculums, and new program development. Morteza has a B.S., M.S. and Ph.D in Electrical Engineering.

Herb Fisse
National Quality Supervisor/Human Performance Specialist Herb Fisse has over 30 years of experience in electrical engineering related fields, including the testing and commissioning of distribution and transmission substations. H His program and technical expertise spans areas including engineering management, project definition and estimating, scheduling and cost reviews, project oversight and industrial controls programming. Herb also teaches and mentors engineers and technicians of various experience levels helping them progress through their careers and apply new or safer project techniques.

Kevin Furbush
National Quality Control SupervisorKevin Furbush has 12 years of experience in electrical high voltage engineering. His areas of expertise include high, medium, and low-voltage testing of breakers and transformers. Kevin has extensive experience in Total Power Factor Setup (Doble), Speed Testing Breakers (Doble), Megger insulation resistance, Ductor Contact Resistance, CT testing, Transformer Turns Ratio, and commissioning protection and control circuits. As TRC’s National Quality and Control Supervisor he oversees the audit program for our Field Operations practice.

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